Thursday, 26 July 2012

20 questions

Research topic: Psychological Behaviour in Humans

Essential Questions:

  1. What are the most common patterns in human behaviour that we observe in our daily lives?
  2. What causes behaviour changes?
  3. Why do people have different personalities?
  4. How does our behaviour affect the people around us?
  5. Why do people act differently to you when the people they mix with are different?
  6. What are the behaviour tell-tale signs someone is lying?
  7. Why do people have mood swings?
  8. Why do some of these behaviours cause suicidal cases?
  9. Why are some people heartless?
  10. Do places affect their behaviours?
  11. How do people express their behaviours?
  12. Why are some people masochists?
  13. What is the cause of these behaviour problems?
  14. How can we prevent them from getting out of control?
  15. Is consciousness related to behaviour in any way?
  16. Why do people find it difficult to move on?
  17. Why are some people sadists?
  18. Is it possible to use physical action as therapy?
  19. What are the things fear limit us to?
  20. How do addictions come about?