1. Introduction

Group Name: Amoeba

Group Members: 
Lee Ning, Beatrys (1)
Lois Lek (2)
Nur Qadirah (3)
Rachel Mark (4)

Class: S2-02 (2013)

Our chosen research title is 'Why SST students miss homework deadlines'.

The different types of homework we receive are as follows:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
  • Mother Tongue
  • Integrated Humanities (History/Geography)
  • Art Design Media & Technology (ADMT)
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Interdisciplinary Research Studies (IRS)

There are many benefits from doing homework. Many gain knowledge from understanding what they are filling up in the blanks and as they move along, if there are things they do not understand they can always do their own research or ask someone who is knowledgeable about it to give them an explanation. While others find it easier to do it slowly as they are unable to grasp the knowledge immediately, the faster ones can understand it better and therefore can easily pass exams while the slower ones tend to take more time to think over the question and may or may not finish the question in time. 

There really isn't much disadvantages from doing homework except that it depends heavily of one's point of view. Some people may think doing homework wastes their time and end up ignoring them. Some people just do not have the mood to do their work and when they are suppose to hand in to their mentors, they just give an excuse and get away with it. Many people try to skip out on homework and end up being unable to follow class when they are willing to listen again. However, there is one big advantage of doing homework. Many people has found homework to be quite a pain at times, especially when it's during the holidays. Some people need to relax themselves after a whole term of school before stressing out more which may result in themselves getting sick before major tests. So normally the holidays are used to rest up and prepare for a new term, only after their rest then will they start on their homework.

Homework is very important to us as it guides us to understanding more things in life.

This research is important as we want to show others the importance of homework and encourage them to do their work and hand in on time, giving both mentors and students the chance to finish tasks on time. 

The main advantage of doing homework is that it helps us to remember the information taught to us in the class. In addition, by seeing our written work, our teachers find out what we learnt and understood. From this, they might change their method of teaching to make it easier to understand their lessons. (Kevin.T, 2012)

Homework can be classified into three types, preparation homework, extension homework and creative homework. Preparation homework is to be done before the teacher conducts the lesson to familiarise the students with the topic. Extension homework is a practice of what the students have learnt in class. Creative homework is for example, a project or a report in which teachers can evaluate cross-curricular skills. (Matton.K, 2010)

It is often said that more homework will help a student do well in examinations. However, research has shown that the only effect that does show up is more negative attitudes on the part of students who get more assignments. (Alfie.K, 2006)

But meanwhile in Finland it is shown that most students do not have as much homework and few standardised test but still manage to do better than their american counterparts though a different kind of education instead of forcing homework onto teens like us. (Gamerman.E, 2008)  

Not handing in homework has been a big issue in SST for the past few years. This problem has affected most of the students’ results and teachers are weary from chasing after their students for homework. Using these results, we plan to come up with a solution to help the teachers and students to rest assured that the homework given will be handed up on time.

Many students face these problems:

  • They do not have the right attitude and do not think they can finish the homework given.
  • Some of the students might be addicted to the internet or gaming.
  • Most of the time, students will take advantage of the fact that the teacher is kind and will procrastinate the homework.
  • Some of them do not understand the importance of doing homework and feel that it is not needed and a great burden to them.
  • They might have a lot of extra homework given by parents and put priority on them.
Based on these general problems that SST students face, we intend to gain results by conducting interviews and sending out surveys for various classes in each level to complete. The survey is done on the google survey. We plan to plot out a graph out of the results to show how age, gender or time management might affect the students missing homework deadlines.

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