3. Results

We managed to gather our results together from 25 SST students with 19 of them being males and 6 of them being females.

Age groups: 
Our age groups are as following: 12-13, 14-15 and 16-17. 10 students put their age group as 12-13, 14 students put theirs as 14-15 and 1 student chose his as 16-17.

Frequency of handing in homework
According to our data that we have collected, 11 do not hand in their work on time while 7 hand in theirs on time only once a week. 2 said they hand in theirs twice a week and 1 said he does it thrice a week. 4 of them put down theirs as 'Always'.

Importance of homework to them:
22 of our students feel that homework is important while the other 3 feel that it is not important.

Why they feel homework is important:
The 22 of them who feel that homework is important stated their reasons as following. They get to revise what they have learnt, can prove whether they understand the topic or not, it is for practice, it also shows their teachers their responsibility and finally, their results can be improved once enough practice is done.

For those who do not hand in homework often, why do they feel they do not need to hand in homework?
For those who does not hand in their work on time, they feel that the homework given to them is too much too handle in a short duration of time, especially those with bad time management and get distracted easily. Some of them have family matters and are unable to hand in their
Waste of time
Cannot be bothered
Not sure what to do for homework
Teacher did not specify date to hand in
Family matters?

Do you spend more time on leisure activities than on homework/revision?
10 No
15 Yes

What is/are your suggestion(s) on the amount of homework or the amount of time given for homework?
Extend the deadline especially for homework which might take a longer time.
Does not mind homework and deadlines ( can cope )
The amount of homework questions to be kept simple and understandable.

In percentage, the number of females and males who hand in homework on time and those who do not hand in homework on time.

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