2. Methods

Interview Respondence

We want to get as many students as we can get to fill up our survey, although our goal is around 50 students.

The age range we are looking for is from 12 to 18 years old. They have to be in SST and both genders are welcomed to answer. As we are a secondary school in Singapore, the usual age range for secondary schools will be around 12-18. That is why we chose that age range.

We are getting our data by online surveys as it is a convenient way of getting the word out to other people. We are from School of Science and Technology, Singapore therefore using MacBooks in our daily life is very normal and having a computer basically means going online for us. Once we are online, the word can spread very fast and so we are able to collect our data easily.

First we created the questions to be used in the survey, we then uploaded the survey on a student site for people to answer. Once they answered the survey, we collated the data and organised it.

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