5. Conclusion

So why do SST students miss homework deadlines?

In short, majority of the SST students understand the importance of homework but most of the time, the students still fail to hand in their homework on time. Why? From the results that we have gathered, reasons given by the students include that they get distracted with leisure activities, do not even bother, procrastinate, do not understand what to do or find the homework too hard to handle. The teachers however think that students miss homework deadline because the students could not manage their time effectively.

What are some of the solutions?

SST students should take the initiative to find out and take note of the day's homework. If they do not understand how to complete the homework, they should clarify with their teachers via email or other social networks, ask their classmates, parents or search the web for answers as soon as possible. If students find it difficult to concentrate to complete the task, they may set themselves a target time line for each task so that they can reward themselves (for example, 10 minutes of gaming or social network time) upon completing each task. This will help the students to plan their time and not procrastinate. Students could also download a free application called 'Lightbulb' and note down the homework on the application which would then set out reminders on the screen page of the student's learning device. This way, students are constantly reminded of the uncompleted task every time the learning device is switch on.

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