Monday, 14 January 2013

Literature Review

Source: Karishma , S. (n.d) Psychological Impact of Internet usage on Children/Adolescents . Retrieved from

Article from

Done by: Lois Lek

Sunday, 13 January 2013

T1W1 Minutes

Roles and Responsibilities

Qadirah (3) - Group Leader
In charge of assigning roles to all members and calling the shots. She will be the one making sure that everything is on time and we will be able to finish it on time.

Beatrys (1) - Blog Manager
Taking charge of the blog and making sure everything is in place and not messed up. She will also make sure everyone has done their part in publishing their parts before the due date.

Rachel (4) - Organiser
She will compile any research information, summarise it and type it out.

Lois (2) - Infocomm Manager
She will oversee all media presentations and take charge of the ICT-related plans of the project.

T1W2 Minutes

1. What are the articles : the behavior of teenagers towards homework and assignments

Rachel :

2. Who will read it : all of us ?
3.Who will create the survey and interview questions : Rachel and Qadirah

T1W1 Minutes

Research title:
Why do SST students miss homework deadlines?


  • How often do you not hand up homework?
  • Do you think that the homework which your teachers give you is manageable?

Literature Review

Reference: Klein. B (n.d) Why gifted kids don’t want to do their homework. Retrieved from

Done by: Rachel Mark