Thursday, 28 June 2012

In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Public Relations Manager? Why?


  1. For the Leader, I think she has the most important role of all. She has to take control of the group, make sure everyone is paying attention and many others too.

    The Blog Manager also has an important role. She has to make sure all the posts are posted on the blog if needed and get everyone to complete their parts as soon as possible before the deadline.

    The Schedule Manager has to have time on her side or things won't go as well. If there ever will be group work outside of school, she has to choose a date when everyone can make it and a time slot too.

    The Public Relations Manager, I think she has the most relaxed role because she has to make sure no quarrels and fights occur within our group. But since we can communicate rather well, I think she doesn't have to worry too much.

  2. The Leader : The leader has to take control of the whole group and lead the group in the assignment .

    The Blog Manager : The blog Manager has to manage the blog and make sure the blog is up to date .

    The Schedule Manager : The Schedule Manager has to keep time and be able to find a time when the whole group can meet up .

    The Public Relations Manager : The Public Relations Manager has to manage the relationship of the whole group and make sure the whole group is at peace .

  3. The leader is to assign tasks and to make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone is doing their job . And also to keep an eye on the group members .

    The blog manager is in charge of keeping things organised and make sure schedules or deadlines are up so the groupmates are aware of things happening.

    The schedule manager is to arrange timings for activities or tasks and make sure everything is done before the deadline.

    The public relations manager is to keep calm and settle things or conflicts between group mates and help things go along quickly and also to present for the group.

  4. The leader must complete assigned tasks punctually and must take charge of the group so everything goes smoothly and things get done.

    The blog manager has to update the blog when needed so nothing is missed out and the group will not be behind the rest of their peers.

    The schedule manager needs to keep track of the time so everything gets done on time and she will also need to arrange group meetings if needed.

    The public relations manager would need to observe the relationship of the group. She should not have any conflict with any of the group members as she needs to ensure that everything goes well. Should there be any conflict between any of the members, she must settle their problems quickly, so the group will be able to catch up with their work.

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